Doruk Group Holding,views the entire process from grain seed to the time when bread is served on the consumer’s table as a single value chain. Taking an active role at every link in this value chain is one of the central ways to ensure the consistency, sustainability and integrity of Doruk Group Holding quality.

Doruk Group Holding is the largest organization in the world to have fully integrated the wheat value chain and to be dedicated to maximizing its performance and quality in this area, with the full scope of its operations and investments focused solely on ensuring optimal, uninterrupted workflow.

It is the quality of that first wheat seed sown in the field that ultimately determines the quality of the bread or baked goods that reach the final consumer’s table. For that reason, throughout the value chain, beginning from the development and production of wheat seeds and through the intervening agricultural phases and the subsequent trading stage, it is of crucial importance that seeds capable of meeting the annually increasing demand for wheat and grain be developed and propagated.

Transforming agriculture into a profitable model in which the producer, namely the farmer, is an active player is central to effective wheat cultivation and has a direct impact on the development of related industries and developments in other fields.This new model presents an attractive alternative for farmers, as well as creating a new opportunity for quality farming.

A key link in Doruk Group Holding’s core value chain is being a one-stop “Total Bakery Solutions Provider” capable of meeting the full spectrum of ingredient and other needs of bread and bakery products producers, large and small, on both the local and global level.

This approach is based on offering the consumer the healthiest and most nutritious product at every stage in the value chain, and the addition to Doruk Group Holding’s companies that seek to enhance the consumer’s quality of life by providing them with superior breads and baked goods means that the group has built out its value chain through to the final consumer-facing touch-point.

The wheat value chain, which is at the center of Doruk Group Holding’s organizational structure, is the starting point for Group companies’ unswerving commitment to “CREATING SHARED VALUE”.