The first member of the Doruk Group, Marmara Un Sanayii, was founded in 1972 in one of Turkey’s most important grain-growing regions, the Tekirdağ district of Eastern Thrace. The seeds of today’s Doruk Group were planted in 1980 with the establishment of Doruk, Inc.

UNMAŞ, which, in response to changing consumer preferences and needs, produced Turkey’s first packaged bread and, with the UNO brand, in 1991 introduced Turkey to healthy, highly-nutritious hygiene bread. This move marked the beginning of the Doruk Group’s expansion period, which was further accelerated with international marketing activities undertaken by another of the Group’s companies, Doruk Una Değer Katma A.Ş as of 1997.

The Group, which had grown to encompass an increasingly large number of products and brands, next entered a period of integration. The joint-venture established in 2002 with Zeelandia of Holland brought together the production of bakery ingredients and confectionary used in baking and bread-making as well as a wide range of products targeting the hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) sector under the same roof.

The Group simultaneously accelerated its Research & Development effort and, in 2004, following a year-long research project jointly undertaken by Una Değer Katma A.Ş and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), flour specially enriched to meet the dietary needs of the Turkish population began being distributed to bakeries. In conjunction with this, bread made using this enriched flour was introduced to consumers under the Uno brand.

The growth of Doruk Una Değer Katma A.Ş. was also reflected in international markets, and, in 2005, the company became one of Turkey’s largest wheat flour exporters.

The consumer is the focus of every aspect of operations at the Doruk Group, and one of the Group’s most important consumer-facing moves came in 2008, with the launch of the Komşufırın Bakery Chain’s first location as part of what the Group calls its “3rd Generation Bakery” concept.

One of the most important stages in the development of the Doruk Group in its current form came with the founding of Doruk Tarımsal Yatırımlar Holding in 2009. Established to plan and execute the Group’s agricultural investments, this unit brought Doruk’s vision of “To Build an Entire World from a Single Kernel of Grain” to Turkish agriculture.

In 2010, Berce Beraberce Tarımı Geliştiren İşletmeler A.Ş. was established under the Doruk Tarımsal Yatırımlar Holding umbrella. In the same year, the Doruk Group also acquired a yeast plant that produces and markets yeast under the Dosu Maya brand for both the Turkish and international markets.

These operations, which together form the links of the Doruk Group’s “Grain-to-Table Value Chain” were brought together under the Doruk Group Holding roof, with Doruk Una Değer Katma Holding, Doruk Tarımsal Yatırımlar Holding and Doruk Unlu Lezzetler Holding structured as three core strategic business units in 2011.