The objective of Berce’s “Beraberce” (Together) is to help new farmers begin better agricultural production. The Berce Muş Alparslan Agricultural Facility employs the world’s most advanced farming technologies.

Berce is the Doruk Group’s crop production and livestock husbandry company. Berce’s objective is to help improve rural standards of living by increasing producers’ efficiency and market integration while simultaneously ensuring that agricultural processors enjoy an uninterrupted supply of competitively priced agricultural products. To this end, Berce is focused on two key projects: The Berce Muş Alparslan Agricultural Facility and the Together Agriculture Project.

Berce plans to use the 64,000-decameter (15,800 acre) Muş Alparslan Agricultural Facility as a technology development and seed and breeding stock production facility.

The Beraberce Project is designed to promote agricultural cultivation in regions that are currently underperforming their potential due to migration away from the countryside, distance to market or lack of capital. The pilot region selected for the kick-off of the project is the Eflani district of Karabük Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Berce projects that by bringing uncultivated, abandoned and never-cultivated land under cultivation and by improving production techniques in areas under cultivation, it will be possible to at least double Turkey’s current output not only of wheat but of all agricultural products. In order to help make this vision a reality, Berce’s objective is to rollout the Beraberce Model currently under development in the Eflani district throughout Turkey.

Within the framework of the Beraberce Model, Berce uses a range of techniques to help farmers increase their productivity, including production sharing, leasing, marketing and market development, establishing infrastructure and assistance with securing financing.