From its outlet design to its unique customer experience, Komşufırın is Turkey’s first and only 3rd generation bakery.

Offering consumers fresh-baked breads and a range of other baked goods, Komşufırın brings innovative, world-class retailing and a fresh business model to the Turkish market.

Komşufırın is a “world first” that is the result of being able to manage every process from the grain field to the fresh loaf of bread. Redefining the concepts of baking and bread-making in Turkey, the strength of the Komşufırın concept derives from three factors:

- Synergies with other Doruk Group Holding companies that share its mission of adding value to every link in the value chain stretching from the wheat field to the consumer’s dinner table.

- A business model that provides consistently high quality fresh, practical and delicious breads & bakery products that are in keeping with the changing modern world and the new dimensions of evolving lifestyles.

- A rich and wholesome product range designed to appeal to different tastes and add meaning to every part of the day and every aspect of life.

Komşufırın represents the final link in the value chain where Doruk Group Holding and its companies’ 30 years of hard work and commitment to better baked goods are able to translate directly into superior levels of consumer satisfaction.

Turkey’s first and only “3rd generation bakery” and only example of the “chain store / bakery” concept.

Providing tens of thousands of customers with hot, fresh and consistently high quality baked goods every day, Komşufırın had more than 60 retail locations, over 700 employees and a 12,500 sqm. (134,500 sq. ft.) production facility as of year-end 2011.