Creating Shared Value

Doruk Group Holding seeks to go beyond commercial relationships, generating shared value for every stakeholder it touches as part of the value chain streching from the wheat field to the dinner table. The cornerstone of this sharing is ensuring that consumers, at the final link in the value chain, enjoy good nutrition and healthy products that help to enhance their quality of life.

Doruk Group Holding works to develop the best possible seeds and ensure that these are provided to Turkish farmers, while our research and development activities generate a scientific knowledge-base that is a shared national resource.

Creates value through relationships with our agricultural business partners that go beyond simple commercial relations to encompass know-how transfer and leadership in the dissemination of best practice that contributes to the development of farmers.

Creates value by enhancing total quality, listening to different opinions, creating solutions and supporting common sense initiatives that generate improvement for our employees, business partners and consumers.

Creates value through projects that generate additional income and benefits for farmers in the cultivation stages of the value chain.

Creates value in the consumer-facing links of the value chain by developing enriched and added value products that enhance consumers’ quality of life.

Contributes through nature and environmental management policies that enhance social well-being.

Serves as a role model for growers and other residents insubjects like education, seed and strain development, business models and irrigation in areas where it produces and where its mills are located and helps to educate young people of every age about its areas of operations.

Monitors the latest developments and improvements in the wheat value chain through its international business and knowledge network,develops new solutions in order to provide producers, suppliers and consumers with better products and services.

Puts productivity, efficiency and stakeholder benefits at the center of its operations in every phase from harvesting, production and distribution to consumer marketing.

Doruk Group Holding views social responsibility as a key component of corporate reputation and, on this basis, seeks to be a role model for the public.

While generating agricultural-based sustainable economic and social value, Doruk Group Holding is committed to:

Providing CONSUMERS with affordable, readily available nutrition,

Offering FARMERS and LOCAL RESIDENTS a sustainable business model, along with training programs, irrigation and in some regions, wheat strain development projects,

Responsibly managing the environment and natural resources so that SOCIETY enjoys nature at its best,

Providing SUPPLIERS with know-how and on-going investment.

Helping to raise an idealistic generation of YOUNG PEOPLE who understand and appreciate the importance of the wheat value chain. Within this context, the Group develops volunteer programs and contributes to society by helping to provide the qualified human resources required by the agricultural sector.

In ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE Doruk Group Holding is dedicated to accountable waste management and energy conservation as well as the highest international packaging standards.