Career At Doruk

Careers at Doruk Group Holding
The human resources department seeks to promote innovation, participation and entrepreneurship while producing an optimal balance of technology and manpower for the Doruk Group of Companies on a global scale by:

  • Being an employer of choice.
  • Transforming human resources into an important capital input.
  • Ensuring that value-added skills and talents are harmonized with the Group’s values.
  • Rationalizing critical processes using the latest methods and management tools combined with a coaching element.
  • Earning recognition for putting people first and taking pride in our employees, promoting their continuing development.
  • Supporting the processes of meeting targets and objectives set on the basis of the Group’s vision and converting this into an intrinsic part of our corporate culture.

Why Doruk Group Holding?
Because at the Doruk Group we are committed to:

  • Career road maps developed on the basis of developmental events and management processes that distinguish between the academic and skill-based components of employee competencies.
  • Ensuring that all employees internalize the Group’s vision, targets and objectives to the extent that they are like members of a single team working toward the same goal.
  • Working as a team to achieve shared success as the most effective way to transform experience and energy into group synergy.
  • Proving that it is possible to work with corporate levels of effectiveness in a family-style environment by transforming affection and respect into professional friendship.
  • Opening the way for development, production, creativity and taking initiatives.
  • Providing employment opportunities not only in Turkey but also internationally as a result of major joint ventures and significant foreign trade volume.